Sparklean cleaning Services
By creating high-end looks, improve functionality and optimizing website content
we increased their revenue by 247%
The Problem

Sparklean had a reputation for extremely high quality services that caused people to look for them online. Once they found the site, they weren’t sure what to do because of the inefficient page design and confusing navigation. Leads fell through the cracks. 

One of the main problems was that contact features weren’t prominent. The site included a phone number, but no call to action. It wasn’t user friendly or designed for mobile search.

The Strategy

Simply put, Sparklean wanted a website that would generate leads. They turned the process over to the Ready Designs team. To reach that goal, we helped them: Simplify and optimize their website content, Improve the number of monthly leads contacting the business through phone, email and their contact form, grow awareness in Atlanta Georgia by building search engine authority for related keywords  

Improve customer satisfaction with a frictionless user experience and a refined path . Create a site that looks and works as well on mobile as it does on a desktop. We Used color, typography, and high-quality images to keep users engaged. We created high end looks and functionality show prospects what they can expect from Sparklean.

The Result

Sparklean estimated that they might have gotten one lead from their old website every six to nine months, two a year at most. In the first twelve months after our redesign, they received 178 calls from their new site. They were surprised at how quickly they saw results in terms of traffic and leads. They knew it was normal to wait six months to a year to see organic traffic improve after a redesign. They saw saw a dramatic increase in just three months.

One lead averages $1500 a month for sparklean and that generates them $18,000 a year from just one client lead

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